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Monday, 29 March 2010

Oi you lot.

I'm a crap Blogger. Therefore will you all stop reading my drivel as it's costing me money to Statcounter to keep up with the passing trade.

Only joking. Thanks to Everyone who visits. I love the comments. Especially the humorous ones. Keep them coming.

I never realised how incredibly difficult it was to Blog. I often get halfway through a blog and then give up. I will try and do better.

Thanks all.


  1. Know the feeling. I've begun a couple of dozen and kind of lost the thread and ended up deleting them. I've got four or five drafts in various stages and on past performance I expect to give up on at least a couple of them. Mrs Exile doesn't quite get why we bloggers make the effort at all. Neither do I sometimes.

  2. Phew FE, I wondered what you were going to say.

    I don't know why I do it either at times, but I've stopped the 'part posts' because, as you say they often don't get completed or I can't find the verification links.

    So, I just pop in here and write off the cuff. It shows, but I am so lucky to have a loyal, tolerant and patient readership.

    Hopefully I'll be able to keep going until our military are not at war. It's too much to say until Scotland becomes independent. ;)

  3. You pay for statcounter?

    Anyway, welcome to my world. If I think too much before writing I find that it runs out of steam.

    Impulsive blogging works the best for me.


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