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Sunday, 21 March 2010

Motoring today.



Why is it that Sunday brings out the worst drivers onto the Roads?

1. The old man in his Nissan Micra. Why do you need to wear a coat and hat in a car that has climate control? More importantly. Could you please for fuck's sake drive more than 25 Mph on the open road? Surely the clue was the thirty cars behind you. (At least my 220 BHP got a workout when overtaking him).

2. The M25 driver in the outside lane pegged to exactly 70 Mph and refuses to move over.

3. The woman at the Dartford crossing ahead of me. Before you set off next time. have the Toll charge ready. At least have your handbag in the front of the car.

4. I can't go on. My blood pressure is too high.


And that was only the outward journey. The return journey was worse because................. It was dark.

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