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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

More Knee jerk legislation



It would appear that every dog is dangerous, and we are about to be savaged by one, every time we venture out.

Dog owners may be forced to pay for insurance to cover damage or injuries their pet causes, ministers will propose today.

They may also be required by law to have a microchip implanted on their pet under Government plans to curb the use of dangerous dogs.

Another measure being considered is the use of Dog Control Notices for misbehaving animals - known as 'Dogbos'.

If you can be bothered to read about this fuckwittery you'll see that all political parties are jumping in to have their little soundbite of publicity.

And then again money is involved.

The price of microchipping and insuring a dog means that families could face bills of £100 and more to legally own a pet under the new rules.

For families on the bread line it's going to be "A dog is for Christmas, not for life"

The RSPCA is going to be busy rounding up the packs on our streets.

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