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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Just Change the name to prevent failure.

Just by changing your name from Webeurope is not going to get you off the hook so lightly.

You're still in the frame as Easycms

PS Your Website design is still crap and you Mr Karl Winn, are still a cunt.


  1. I'm a bit lost FE. Where does Easycms come into it. When I was writing my bit I didn't see anything about it although I knew he had his staff take down his corporate signage.

  2. Subrosa,

    They both have the same Taunton address.

    Both have their registered offices at:

    72 New Bond Street, London, W1S 1RR

    Company Registered in England No. 06552179

    Company Registered in England No. 6276520

  3. Same place for any poppies I imagine.

  4. And the same phone number... I think Easycms was already in existence, rather than a replacement for Webeurope.

    I assume the signage take-down was to stop the offices/staff from being targeted.

    On the Webeurope site there is an interesting press release - does Winn has links to NI? Possibly a relative killed by the army or the RUC there? That would explain a lot.

  5. I read that too. Lot's of indignant stuff about 367 killed by the British Army and RUC (as was), but predictably bugger all about the >1000 British service personnel and police who were killed.

  6. Another update for you as the rebranding continues.

    You will find a carbon copy of with all the same contact details and galmington, taunton office at:-

    He has a new registered office at the bottom of the site though and seems to have put the domain register in someone elses name.

    Avoid pumpkin media as well for crap web design.

  7. Winn has strong ties with northern ireland with friends among IRA supportive agencies e.g. relatives for justice a site for which he hosts entirely free. EasyCMS and Webeurope are the same company however each name specialises in different products/services.

  8. The main company also changed their name to Pumpkin Media and continue to trade from the same address although I think they're in the process of covering that up as much as possible.

    We had the misfortune to employ them as web designers but thankfully they're now offloading all their clients on to another company now that seem much more switched on than Webeurope/Pumpkin Media ever were. After what I've just read I don't think I'd want to have anything to do with this company any more anyway. They've been crap from day one and with the clown running the show I think I can now see why.

    I also had a run in with the lovely Mr Winn and his cute turn of phrase and I have to say this couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy. Keep up the pressure, he deserves to lose business out of this.

  9. look whos back! its WebEur... Pumpk.. opps Black Flag that’s right!

  10. Karl Winn
    26 Burlinch
    West Monkton
    TA2 8LS


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