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Monday, 15 March 2010

How times have changed.

When I started work:

You could smoke anywhere. (Even in the classroom at college).

Pubs were a haven of peace. You could drink and smoke. Both at the same time. Wow.

Police walked the streets and were pleasant to talk to. (Now the shaven headed, body armoured, thugs are only seen speeding past in cars)

There were no surveillance cameras. Now they are everywhere. (Do you feel safer?)

No speed cameras, taxing you for minor infringments. Where are the traffic cops who gave you a stern ticking off? But allowed you to keep your license and maybe your job.

No compulsory seat belts leglislation. It was accepted that if I wanted to die horribly, that was my choice.

The weather in the UK was bloody awfull. It still is. But now it's down to AGW.

We never locked our doors. Now I've got security locks everywhere.

Children could play outside alone. Not now that there are millions of Paedophiles on the rampage. (or so you would think)(Think of the Cheeeldren).

We could feed the ducks. That's verboten now

Taking photographs was fun. Bloody hell. They lock you up for that now.

Travel was an adventure. Now it is a nightmare. Three hours of security nonsense on the planes. Commuter trains that would make India blush.

Have I left anything out?

Oh yes. Political Correctness.

I can't even have a simple conversation without rehearsing it in my mind, in case it offends anyone within a 100 miles.

Need I go on? No.

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