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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Fingerprint Scanners



It would appear that not content with a DNA database the Police want to increase the size of their Fingerprint Database.

I am sure this will be routinely abused as the confused public with all the 3,000 new laws will think this thuggery is obligatory.

The device allows officers to check someone's fingerprints against the national database to prove their identity.

They will even be used to instantly check the identity of an unconscious or fatal victim of a crime or accident.

Seems innocuous doesn't it. But it goes on.

For all other cases, providing prints will remain a voluntary option but the police retain the power to arrest anyone who refuses and take them to a police station.

So I'm just walking along the street when Mr Plod stops me for some reason and asks to fingerprint me because I was suspiciously taking a photograph. If I refuse it's down to the Nick.

Fears have arisen that the technology could contribute to the so-called "surveillance state" and encourage random searches.

Mind you I'll be alright. As I stated in a past post, the only time I see Mr Plod is when he roars past in his Volvo estate with the Blues and two's on.

Time to dip my fingers in acid again.



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