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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Sheer Arrogance.



I don't know what Planet some of these MPs' come from. They certainly don't inhabit the one I live on.

Sir Nicholas Winterton has angrily denounced plans to reduce first-class travel by MPs - telling the BBC he needs "quiet" and privacy to work.

The veteran Tory MP said there was a "totally different type of people" in standard-class train carriages.

Maybe if he was forced to sit stand in second class he might just realise what the rest of us have to endure when we are travelling on Shitish Rail, or whatever it is called now.

And although we pay for it, he has this to add.

Asked whether it mattered that the public might not agree with first-class travel, he said: "I'm sorry, the public are wrong. It's for Parliament to decide not the public."

Idiots like him make me want to spit.

Where's Guy Fawkes when you need him?

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  1. Presumably, amongst the 'reforms' that MP's will seek to organise for themselves, will be state supplied chauffered limousines and round the clock bodyguards for each of them. Perhaps helicopters will be made available for longer trips (the army won't need them). This will be much more convenient and discreet, and won't need to be shown on expenses. The servants of the public are increasingly it's masters - and don't they deserve the recognition!


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