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Monday, 1 February 2010

Oh look. It would seem that someone at the BBC has their finger in the pie of climate change.

The man responsible for looking after the fat pensions of the boys and girls at the BBC is a climate change fanatic, and he is part of an international group of investment managers who bust a gut to invest in 'climate change' schemes. He's called Peter Dunscombe, and he runs the £8.2bn corporation pension fund, advising trustees on a day-to-day basis about their investments. Mr Dunscombe, who addresses conferences about 'ethical investments', is also chairman of the Institutional Investment Group on Climate Change(IIGCC), which has 47 members and manages four trillion euros' worth of investments; yes, four trillion. Their goal is to find as many 'climate change' investment opportunities as possible:

I would really laugh my head of if the Beeb got burnt by this man's fanatism with climate change.

Then again I suspect the government would just allow the BBC to raise their license fee to cover it.

H/T to Biased BBC

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