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Friday, 15 January 2010

Away with the Fairies.


Parents are not telling fairy stories to their Children as they are too frightening and are not Politically correct. Jeesus Christ.

A new survey suggests that they are! The poll, by TheBabyWebsite suggests that a quarter of parents have ditched classics such as Snow White and Hansel and Gretl in favour of more modern bedtime tales. Apparently they don't like the messages (leaving poor Hansel and his sister alone in the forest is a no no, as is sending Little Red Riding Hood on a journey alone through the woods - only to find out that granny has been eaten by a wolf!)

So lets Coccoon them in cotton wool, the poor lambs

A fifth of parents said the tales weren't politically correct (Cinders does too much cleaning up, I guess, while Jack climbs up a beanstalk and steals from the giant), and 17 percent worried about them giving their children nightmares (Snow White's wicked witch is said to be too scary). Sixty five percent of parents said that they preferred to read their children more "light-hearted" stories at bedtime.

Good education if they want to become H & S inspectors or the like.

I despair of these "Modern" parents and their new labour way of thinking. If its scary, ban it.

The rest of the article is over here at the Times

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