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Monday, 28 December 2009

SatNav, weapon of mass destruction.

I really believe there are fuckwits out in the wild, that are just trying to find more funding or plainly love banning things.

Fears that sat-nav devices may pose a risk to motorists follow research which showed that 78 per cent of crashes were caused by driver inattention.

Now psychologists at Lancaster University and Royal Holloway, University of London are to examine what they described as the "potentially dangerous effects of 'SAT NAV' in-car navigation systems."

Absolute Bollocks. I find using a satnav helps me concentrate on my driving, rather than having to look through the over abundance of distracting road signs, that have sprung up in recent years.

Sat-nav systems have also been held responsible for drivers suddenly swerving or turning.

I suppose the wife map reading and telling me that I have missed the turn would be better.

I just miss the turning and the Satnav re-routes me. The wife would be screaming at me to do a U turn.

Oh, and of course as I stated, we will be paying for the research.

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