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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

The Roebuck Inn. Avoid at all costs

They deserve to go out of business.

Motorists who abandoned their cars in a pub car park returned the next day to find that they had been wheel-clamped. The drivers left their vehicles outside the Roebuck Inn, in Winchester, Hampshire, after ice and snow brought traffic to a standstill.

One driver, called Warren, said: “The snow was coming down and the roads around here were gridlocked for hours. It had taken me one and half hours to drive a mile so I thought it would be sensible to leave the car in a safe place overnight.

“But when I came back first thing in the morning I found it had been clamped. It was unbelievable.”

The Roebuck Inn

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H/T to the Englishman & The Times

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  1. Did the new licensee ever re-imburse these drivers? I checked with Greene King and it was the new tenant who insructed this clamping firm due to problems with students parking in the car park. Why not deal with the offending students rather than clamping innocent drivers who made a very reasonable decision and could well have gone back for a pint to thank them, not only will they never go back neither will I and hopefully anyone else that knows about it. One pub that needs to fall by the weyside.


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