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Sunday, 20 December 2009

Global Warming. Bah Humbug

It might only be weather, but by Christ it's cold here. Minus 5 degrees and falling. The 6 inches of that cold white stuff is not helping.

Mmm, must go and cut down another tree to throw on the fire.

Pretty please. Could we bring the warming a bit earlier, Prince Charles?


  1. Hardly any snow in Glasgow. It is a bit on the chilly side though, but not too bad.

    The heating is at full blast anyway, just to piss off the MMGW tossers.

  2. Sounds cold down your way FE. Cold here too, around -2 with only a light layer of snow. Comfy indoors though and a walk earlier was fine too as long as you were wrapped up.

  3. The weather is changing here. Freezing bloody rain now!


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