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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

44 years in the Royal Fleet Auxiliary.

Now some of you might think that is quite a long time to work for one company. As I will explain in a later post it became too much to continue and stay sane.

Imagine if you can, it is the Year of our Lord, Nineteen hundred and sixty five. Time 0900, 13th september, Venue, Poplar Technical college. (Anyone who started on that date also has my commiserations).

Here I was, a callow youth, about to depart on a career that I really knew nothing about. Except that ships and engines would be involved. I was an Engineer Cadet, decked out in my smart new blazer with the company badge on the breast pocket. Anyway that induction day passed in a turmoil of having the Syllabus explained, tour of the college, numerous form filling (Even then there was paperwork), buying stationary in the shop, and a myriad of other things that I can't remember (I did warn you that it was 44 years ago). I had arrived in the adult world.

Mind you the subjects I was going to have to learn sounded a touch disconcerting.

Applied mechanics: I thought they worked on cars
Applied heat: Mmm, I'm going to learn to use matches
Electrotechnology: Wiring up plugs?
Engineering drawing: Oh bother. Knew I should have paid more attention in art.
Chemistry: Why?

Anyway, that was day one.

Two years on.............................................

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