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Monday, 30 November 2009

Sandwell Council again!

In another act of unbridled idiocy, a Sandwell Jobsworth is at it again.

Kerrie-Anne Hickin was dashing to catch a bus and as she took the tissue out of her pocket it blew away in a gust of wind.

She said the next thing she knew, a warden was at her side at the bus stop writing a ticket.

The more I read about this council, the more I think about stocking up on more piano wire.

The warden was representing Sandwell Council, which faced criticism earlier this month for fining a young mother for feeding the ducks with her son at a park.
And the usual weazle words from the council mouthpiece:

Derek Rowley, a Sandwell Councillor, said: “Survey after survey tells us that litter is a major worry for the people of Sandwell. They tell us they don't want to see litter on the streets of Sandwell.

"We are responding to people's complaints about litter and we have a duty to respond to local people's concerns.”

Please make it stop. I think I'll go and lie down it a darkened room.

The whole article is here.

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