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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Dead against Skyprotect


Dear Wankers at Skyprotect,

I have just received a letter from yourselves, thanking me for purchasing Skyprotect.

I have done no such thing. The only time I have contacted you was to inform you of the DEATH of my uncle, Mr xxxxxx . That's it, DEAD, DECEASED, SHRUGGED OFF HIS MORTAL COIL, Etc. Need I go on? Is no-one taught to actually read letters these days. There was also another slight clue in the envelope which you failed to spot. Why would I enclose a death certificate?. It's not a mandatory document required for a purchase as yet.

Yours, in disgust,

Mr Filthy Engineer

Soon to ditch Sky and turn to Virgin cable.

Hope I wasn't too hard on them for their minor mistake

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