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Friday, 9 October 2009

I take carbon reduction seriously

I've entered my activities on the ACT ON CO2 website where they have a Co2 calculator.

here are my results:

Congratulations. You've successfully completed the Act on CO2 calculator. The tables below represent your CO2 emissions from all three areas of your life.

Your CO2 result is tonnes per year.

The breakdown of your carbon footprint is shown in the table below. For example in your 'Home' section, we break down your footprint so you can see how much of your footprint is due to heating and how much is due to lighting. In the 'Appliance' section we break it down into appliances in various rooms of the house, so you can see how much is used in the kitchen, study and so on. In the 'Travel' section you can see how much carbon your vehicle is producing and how much comes from the flights you take. If any area is particularly high, you can concentrate on lowering the carbon footprint of that area first.

All figures are in tonnes per year.

Breakdown of sections CO2 Footprint
Total Footprint for Home 32.06
Hot water 4.06
Heating 27.49
Lighting 0.51
Total Footprint for Appliances 10.53
Kitchen 3.7
Entertainment 3.17
Study 3.11
Other 0.55
Total Footprint for Travel 396.65
Vehicle 227.25
Public Transport 0
Flights 169.4
Total Carbon Footprint 439.24

Your target footprint total is 351.38 tonnes per year.

Everybody likes to have a target to reach their goals. In the table below we have given you an aspirational 20% reduction target to reach. This is spread evenly through your three areas of Home; Appliances and Transport, however, for example, if you can see that your transport CO2 emissions are high, and in particular your flights, you can concentrate on reducing that area.

The national average total is 4.46 tonnes per year.

We also show you how you compare to the National Average CO2 emissions for anIndividual or Household (depending on which option you chose at the beginning of the calculator). You can find out how we calculate this in our CO2 Calculations FAQs section.
CO2 emissions from all three areas of your lifestyle

Home Appliances Travel Total
Your Carbon Footprint 32.06 10.53 396.65 439.24
Target Footprint 25.64 8.42 317.32 351.38
National Average 1.99 0.71 1.76 4.46
People like you who have:

6.36 2.46 9.66 18.48

Visualising your Carbon Footprint

it's the amount of CO2...
  • you need to fill 25218398 party balloons
  • produced by driving from London to Manchester and back 3338 times in the average car
  • produced from leaving a 60 watt light bulb on 1487 years
  • produced from boiling water for 15811242 cups of tea
It was the 9 Hummers, and the perpetual globe trotting, first class, for my family of ten, that upped it a trifle.


Go on,have some fun

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