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Sunday, 11 October 2009

Another exit strategy?

I wrote in this post that I thought that Gordon Brown was trying to find an exit strategy to allow him to leave office, with the pity of the people.

Now it is reported that he has been diagnosed with lesions in his one good eye. That might be the reason his wife was steering him away from the potted plants during the labour party conference.

Do we really want a blind, pill popping chump for our first minister? How's he going to find his Nokia, to throw when he needs to?

Maybe I should take my tin foil hat off, or maybe not?


  1. Yes we do, if only because he's our best chance of ousting Labour at the GE.

    Barking Spider thinks this could be a gambit to scuttle away from his TV debate with Cameron, Clegg, etc.

    Quite plausible.

    One thing's for sure, the news of it was put out for a reason - and we shall soon find out what that is.


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