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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Jeremy in the Poo again

Jeremy Clarkson has been admonished by the BBC again. Apparently scores of viewers complained about the recently aired programme.
Scores of angry viewers complained to the BBC, media regulator Ofcom and on online message boards after it was shown on Sunday night's Top Gear show, watched by 6.7million.

The spoof advert, for the Volkswagen Scirocco TDI, contained a clip of people in Warsaw panicking and rushing to board trains and buses to escape the city.

Well to me "SCORES" of viewers complaining out of 6.7 million who watched it, is a minute number of complainants. Say it was four score that complained, then the percentage would be so miniscule as to be irrelevent. Who are these people that have absolutely no sense of humour and do not see that it was supposed to be a lighthearted piece of tomfoolery?


  1. I bet the complainants were of a Germanic strain - or lefties.

    The BBC has been trying to put a bomb under Clarkson for some time - he's too right-wing, right-thinking, anto-global warming and unPC for them.

    They must hate his popularity!

  2. He's just saying what most of us think.

  3. I am Polish. I do not mind the advert.
    The only issue I have noticed in UK is just absolute lack of balance when laughing at other nations. When it's Allo allo, inspector Clouseu etc. it's fine - we Brits laugh at others. You just do not accept this working other way.
    Just imagine(fiction)the advert of new german originated bleach - lets call it BLITZ! Heinkles and Dorniers spraying it and sanitizing Big Ben? Got the idea?
    Imagine those typical headline words in "quality" papers - FURY! OUTRAGE!
    BTW, I wonder if there is a "Dortmund-Paris in one tank" version of this VW advert.
    Is it some deep-hidden "phoney war" complex?

  4. Actually I would laugh at it. I'm of the generation that doesn't take offence at the drop of a hat.

    We all have our faults. Mine is that I couldn't care less I suppose.


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