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Saturday, 8 August 2009

I'm a fattist as well

I've just been reading an article in the Mail and cannot believe the excuses that the overweight peeps in the article used to justify their condition.

'I can't help it', 'I get it from my mother', 'I've got the fat gene', 'you're being cruel', 'what if it was your own family'.

'The Government doesn't do enough,'

'There's nothing for kids to do, that's why they eat all the time,' says Kayleigh. 'We need help. I can't afford to go to something like WeightWatchers. They charge you £1 just to get weighed. A pound is a lot of money to me.'

It's the downright denial of their condition that worries me, and the attitude that it must be someone else's fault. Someone should tell them in no certain terms that it's their life and they, and only they, are responsible for it.

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