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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

I want to weep

He has fathered seven children by seven women in just seven years and abandoned each and every one. Dressed in a tracksuit, jobless 24-year-old Keith MacDonald is enough to put women off men for life.

Doesn't look like it to me. He's just about to marry the eighth.

The binman's son, who lives on £44 a week income support, has never paid a penny towards the upbringing of his children.

Nor does he see them. Apparently it is 'too much of a hassle'. But bride-to-be Clare Bryant, 20, is convinced he has changed and says they plan to have two children together.

Please can any government pass a law for compulsory sterilisation?

The couple have since moved in together in a two bedroom council house in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, and are applying for joint benefits of around £100 a week - leaving the taxpayer to pick up the £60,000 bill for his seven children.


  1. It might be tempting to imagine it sometimes but the day they legalise compulsory sterilisation is the day I fill a 2 litre bottle with sleeping pills and down the whole thing.

    It would be abused to no end - the rules/guidelines would progressively get worse (see: abuses of section 44) and who knows where it would end up?

  2. Shibby,

    It was meant in jest, but I do despair at the fecklessness of this young man to imprgnate whoever he wishes, and then abandon the children as if they were dogs.

    Apart from that, I want less leglislation and not more.


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