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Thursday, 13 August 2009


Just commented at Subrosa's site. She's just posted that more servicemen have been killed in Afghanistan.

I feel strongly about the lack of equipment that the services get.

All the time the politicians (small p) are using the Defense procurement agency as a tool to safeguard jobs in the party homelands, this is going to continue.

Why are we buying the new Lynx helicopter for double(or more), when we could buy american Blackhawks, now? A tried and tested Helo that can hold more troops and is better armed and protected.

Why have we continued with Eurofighter Typhoon (A cold war throwback), when we could have the american F18, IMO a superior aircraft? At far less cost

I could go on but you know the story, politicians aren't in the real world.

My answer is to send them to Helmand province,all 646 of them, as "The First battalion of the UK despoilers", and see how they whine then.

Hopefully we'll need a lot of Hercs to bring the bodies back.

Then again, that would be a waste of fuel.

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