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Sunday, 29 March 2009

Do I go quietly?

I'm going to retire after my forthcoming appointment to one of our government's ships has been completed. However I can't right a retirement letter, but instead, have to right a resignation letter. Considering my para-military outfit are a shower of politically correct, H&S nazis, can't run a piss up in a brewery, etc, what should I put in that missive?

Would, "I think that you are a shower of wankstains and I quit", be too strong?

Or, should I write, " I have had the honour to serve in the *** for more than 43 years, and it is with regret.................

Your obedient servant

PS. can I have an MBE.

Personally I don't care, but if anyone has any good lines for either, please let me know.

Note to self: Need to write the letter soon


  1. What about the old fashioned 'I hereby tender my notice'? Or do you want to go out in style by saying 'shove yer job wherever you like but not in my lap.'

    Get the letter written anyway or you'll find yourself doing another 7 years :)

  2. This may be too late but how about something like:
    Dear Wankstains,
    I regret to inform you that I no longer need your services as my employer and that this unfortunately means that you are surplus to my retirement.
    (Up) yours,
    Filthy Engineer. etc


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