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Friday, 13 February 2009

Useless, the lot of them.

For all of my adult life I have voted Tory.

I always considered them, the party that was low tax, small government, and allowed people to get on with their lives with little or no state interference. However since David Cameron was elected as party leader, I feel that we are slipping into a state where all politicians are becoming the same. Spineless pigs in the trough of perpetual political sleeze and non entity policies.

Please, when are we going to get a Politician that can lead from the front and not re-act perpetually to what the Other Party does.

When are we going to have a politician that actually listens to the people and endeavours to do what they want? All I can see is an endless war between two differing ideologies. No thought as to why they are in parliament at all.

When are we going to see a Churchill, a Thatcher, again? Not in my life time I'm afraid to say. All we have is soundbite politics. Can they please fucking shut up.

P.S. Can we have our freedom of speech back? Dolly, I'm talking to you.

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