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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

It's not just Police that Harass Photographers.



Another story of how jumped up Jobsworths can harass your average citizen by making the law up as they go along.

This time it is in my own county of Kent and the culprits are "Rail Enforcement Thugs Officers. Obviously a cheap version of the British Transport police without the knowledge or adequate training.

This time it is about a Blogger, Olly Cromwell who falls foul of these cretins, by daring to take pictures of the REO's for his blog, on a Railway station. Both he and his partner are removed from the train by these idiots before finally being "freed" by The British Transport Police. Just click on the Olly Cromwell link for the whole story plus updates.

It's about time the forces of law and order actually obeyed the law of the land. Not just made up law to suit themselves. I thing Anna Raccoon has the right remedy.


Rail Enforcement Officer

Job Description

35 hours weekly not including Sundays, Early and Late shifts, weekend and bank holiday working as required


Job Purpose:  To work as a member of the Safer Travel Team, in conjunction with British Transport Police Officers, RPO's and other Southern employees to deter crime and anti social behaviour. To offer outstanding levels of customer service to passengers whilst supporting Southern staff as required. To provide assistance with crowd control and respond to emergencies, providing assistance as required to the police and other emergency services. Ensure compliance with the Criminal Law, the Conditions of Carriage and the railway byelaws by people on the railway, minimising fare evasion and supporting other team members in their responsibilities. Act as an authorised collector within the Southern Penalty Fare Scheme an issue tickets to travel.  Issue Penalty Notices for Disorder and Fixed Penalty Notices in accordance with the law.


  1. Here's a classic for you : Once upon a time I worked at Victoria. To get home, I had to change trains at Clapham Junction.
    The morons at the train company changed the timetables on me and cancelled my usual train. So I got the next available one and got off a CJ, where I was accosted by a jobsworth who informed me that this was an "alighting only stop" and that people were only allowed to get on, not off.
    I told him not to be so bloudy daft, but he said that if I did it again, I would be prosecuted.
    I replied "See you tomorrow, then" and did the same thing every day for the next three months. Whenever I saw him, I made a point of yelling hello and giving him an enthusiastic wave, but strangely enough, I seemed to be invisible!

    I bet today I would be nicked...

  2. I bet you would these days. It's all about the money, not common sense.

  3. Dioclese,

    Someone should have given your Enforcement bozo a dictionary, as 'alighting' means to settle, or come down from. Ergo 'Alighting only' should mean you are allowed to get off the train at that stop, but not board or embark.

    Perhaps the concept was too complicated for him. Heavy sigh. Some people are too dense to be left in charge of a language.


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